SMS – Safety and Health Management Systems


In recent years, the agri-food industry has repeatedly been confronted with crises that have affected not only individual companies, but entire sectors and in some cases massively endangered their existence. In order to survive in international markets in the long term, it is important to know and control the product- and company-related risks for consumers and employees is important to stay strong for long in international markets.

Identification, assessment and management of risks are essential success factors in ensuring safety of food and jobs in agri-food industries. The SMS course teaches and practices the necessary basics for risk and/or crisis managers as well as practical methods. Those in charge of safety and health should have the necessary skills and knowledge to systematically identify and assess general and specific risks to the organization and to develop and implement action plans for to minimize or prevent hazards. The course participants should develop an extensive operational and systematic understanding of risk and be able to understand and evaluate the different intercultural assessments of safety and health.

For the courses, basic knowledge of HACCP and experience in quality or environmental management are an advantage.


Target group

Training providers of persons who are to contribute to risk and safety management in individual enterprises or value chains in agri-food industries. In addition, those who wish to train as security and health managers or crisis managers.


Requirements by EQA module standard


1st block (8 hours / 2x 4 hours)

Understanding of risks and resource management
  • Project with a tool for risk analysis, risk evaluation and control
  • Analysis of hazard and risk understanding for consumers and employees
  • Motivation of employees and conflict resolution
  • Support of risk management processes and integration into existing management systems
  • Global health activities and challenges


2nd Block (8 hours / 2x 4 hours)

Development of food safety and health systems
  • Identification and traceability systems
  • Corrective action in case of non-conformity
  • Handling of potentially unsafe products and recalls
  • Internal organization and responsibility (safety and health representatives)


3rd block (8 hours / 2x 4 hours)

Validation and updating of safety and health systems
  • Planning, reporting and verification of internal audits
  • Motivation and intercultural aspects of securing food and working conditions
  • Presentation and discussion of the project work
  • Information and communication systems in risk management, early warning systems, crisis management and crisis communication