Wild Life Trace


The goal of Wild Life Trace is the technical and organizational realization of a quality and test seal for regional game. Regional value chain partnerships are to be created and supported by a joint coordination office. The partners for the value chain of venison are, in the case of Wild Life Trace, hunters, meat processors and the gastronomy.

The hunting and forestry district is considered the smallest traceable unit. At all stages of the chain, structuring takes place in product-, process- and person-related requirements. Together, a combination of existing requirements for food safety, traceability and regionality with eight new criteria for the design of common fields of action and marketing statements of the quality partnership will be developed.


Partners of the project

EQAsce, QuantumQuality (Koordinator), Chainpoint.



Bottom-up – Project of the initiators and the project consortium


Project period

1.04.2022 to 2023

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