The platform cooperative as the basis for digital transformation

The platform cooperative combines the concern for greater transparency regarding product-, process- and person-related requirements in production chains with new and more direct ways for market partners to communicate with each other and additional new marketing opportunities. The focus is on agricultural products, for which a lot of data is already collected. Via the cloud-based platform, the data can be marketed in addition to the product, it can be offered, purchased and securely transmitted, and it can provide evidence of greater commitment, e.g. to animal welfare or sustainability, especially at the point of pricing for the respective products.

This technical solution is accompanied by a special organizational form: The platform is operated as a cooperative. This ensures democratic structures, processes and opportunities for change that can keep up with digital progress in the future. The cooperative members are at the same time operators, users and shareholders of the platform. This ensures market independence, through which the individual agricultural enterprises can market their data and products in a new way.

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