Interview with Mrs. Dr. Brase und Mrs. Dr. Bajorat from the Network Focus on Animal Welfare

In the Network Focus on Animal Welfare, specialized knowledge is bundled nationwide for the first time. Exchange of experience between practitioners, scientists, consultants, and other groups is organized, and networking promoted. The aim of the project is to support farms regarding animal welfare, environmentally responsible, sustainable, and future-oriented livestock farming. To provide the exchange of…

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EQAsce connects networks and initiatives for Europe: Call for participation in Europe-wide study

The “FoodSafety4EU” project addresses consumer requirements for food product information. In a current survey, you are asked to give your estimation of food safety aspects. The evaluation of the survey should lead to better information, more comprehensible content and overall improved communication between production and buyers. EQAsce is also working on corresponding strategies in the…

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Prof. Dr. Ema Maldonado, Head of EQA Contact Point Central and South America

Prof. Dr. Ema Maldonado Prof. Dr. Ema Maldonado has been a member of EQA since 2019. She has since headed the EQA contact office in Mexico and contributes to the university committee for the approval of education providers and students for EQA certificates. Ms. Maldonado is a professor at the Agricultural University of Chapingo and…

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