Sophisticated digitization for crisis management

After the detection of the first appearance of African Swine Fever in Germany, the experience of the Bonn-realis cluster is in high demand. This refers to technical-organizational innovations of crisis prevention and crisis management. Those affected in the agricultural sector and those responsible in the agricultural administration both see an urgent need here. There is…

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Simplified data input for farmers by voice

One characteristic of digitalization is the collecting and typing of data. A lot of things in the agri and food sector go automatically by sensors that directly send their data to computers. Still, there are many forms to be filled out manually in situations where farmers could need both hands. The GeTie developer-team of EQAsce…

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Interview with futurologist Max Thinius

Mr. Max Thinius, futurologist. We got to know Max Thinius at the EIP-workshop in the beginning of August 2020. Is one of the leading futurologists and future shapers of Europe. A characteristic thing he wears for his performances is a round hat, where he conjures out new ideas and different views on things. EQAsce had…

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AnimaRes is new partner for improving animal welfare

The company AnimaRes is located in Bonn and designs/programs 3d-models and applications for augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality. It is specialized upon pharmaceutical, medical, and bio-technologic topics. In cooperation with EQAsce, a team works on shifting trainings for qualification not only into online offerings but into a new dimension of communication of content.…

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