PPP Animal Welfare

PPP Animal Welfare has become a quality feature for products of the food industry. At the same time, this aspect becomes increasingly important to the public. The aim of the Public-Private-Partnership-Initiative Animal Welfare is to foster progress in this respect through a dialogue between public and private sectors covering research, science, and economy.

Our mission & vision

The Public Private Partnership Initiative wants to foster knowledge development and innovation for animal welfare as indispensable part of a sustainable and competitive livestock sector in Europe. To put this into practice partners of the whole value chain, knowledge providers and industry collaborate to contribute to research and development. Only through starting a dialog between public and private decision-making institutions in Europe, common solutions can be found.



The Public Private Partnership Initiative Animal Welfare unites the different parts of the European livestock sector, from feed and breeding to production and processing. It can be seen as a catalyst for new technical and organizational developments in education and qualification in the field of animal welfare and health. The PPPI also works as an interface between policy makers, knowledge providers, industry, and civil society. The Initiative strives for a joint European research agenda promoting knowledge exchange and cooperation in cross-border-project activities.



The strategy results in the following goals aiming at:

  • Stressing the importance of animal welfare and health for Europe’s future and image of the entire food sector
  • Setting a giant European education and qualification agenda for actors in the livestock sector and public authorities
  • Acting as a leading body of expertise on animal welfare management
  • Being recognized as accreditation body harmonizing education and qualification standards
  • Enabling knowledge exchange amongst research and education providers, end users and EU directorates
  • Enhancing cooperation in Europe and interstate innovation and qualification
  • Facilitating discussions on matters regarding EU regulations that affect animal welfare as well as competitiveness of the livestock sector in Europe