EQAsce was established on June 2nd 2015 as a European cooperative (Societas Cooperativa Europaea, SCE) with limited liability in Bonn. It is the first educational cooperative that is a spin-off of a university – in our case of the International FoodNetCenter of the University of Bonn. It benefits from an excellent network within the science region of Bonn and strategic partnerships with universities in the whole world. The main purpose of this SCE is to promote members’ activities and to meet the needs of its members.



There are three EQA bodies: The general assembly, the supervisory board and the managing board. The supervisory board consists of at least three members that are elected by the general assembly. The EQAsce managing board consists of at least two members. Members of managing board and supervisory board are EQAsce-members or representatives of a legal entity that is a EQAsce member. Basic decisions of the cooperative such as amendments of the statutes are made by the members of the general assembly. They elect the supervisory board and decide upon the use of surpluses generated. The supervisory board supervises the activities of the managing board in the interest of the members and determines the composition of the managing board. The voluntary acting board has comprehensive management authority and manages the cooperative’s business. With a managing board and a supervisory board, EQAsce has a clear management and control structure. Thus, it offers an extensive security in everyday business.

Organizational structure

The organizational structure of EQAsce consists of a voluntary managing board and a voluntary supervisory board. The managing board shapes and coordinates five areas of operations from its bureau in Bonn:

    1. Study and extra-occupational academic education and training
    2. Additional vocational training
    3. Public-private partnership exercises in crisis management / trainings
    4. Committee work, standardization, accreditation
    5. Technical support, Open Education Platform, hotlines

The EQA office coordinates licenses for seminars, courses, examinations and awarding of certificates. Also, the assignment of training courses, internships and the administration of a lecturer-pool as well as a student pool are part of the service center tasks. Centers at universities and academies in partner countries are responsible for courses, seminars and examinations locally.