Digital change has become reality in all our work lives. Our way of communication, learning, working and trading has profoundly changed in the past months – rapidly and caused by the corona crisis.

Together with its network partners, EQAsce seeks to profit extensively – through initiatives and projects – from the chances of digitalization for people working in the agri and food sector. EQAsce wants to participate in shaping the processes of change through digitalization to enable people of the sector to benefit economically and to enable people in society to have access to new possibilities.

The magic key to this path is education. The digital chance demands digital key skills that need to be mediated – in the agri and food sector as well as in other sectors. Custom-made digital tools shall be conceptualized, developed and tested along the whole education and training path to enable faster course-related and extra-occupational cross section education and to enable location- and time-independent access to information and knowledge.