200 days before the start of the new year, we have called upon our customers to take part in the testing of our service-packages including the Digital Card – an individual communication system connected to our platform. The reason for choosing this point of time of the year is the catalogue of new requirements that need to be followed by our target groups from 2021 onwards. Connected to these changes, they need to be able to prove their expertise and competences towards third parties.

Right now, this is a very bureaucratic process that is not yet set to a simple but secure online solution. Although there seem to be a number of digital solutions close, the process stops at the point where an organizational structure has not changed and where a tailor-made procedure for our customers and their individual situation is missing. That’s why EQAsce wants to benefit from the concept of “crowd intelligence” when developing and digitalizing our service offerings with the 200-days-testing. We are convinced that all people can contribute by making proposals and telling wishes to making decisions upon new services through connecting economic and behavioral insights.

In our 200-days-testing, we make our customers curious for new things, let them co-create and with the further development of our platform and Digital Cards as the key to our individual, tailor-made services, we connect scientific economic, information technological, sociological and psychological aspects. The tester who comes up with the best idea and/or innovation has the chance to win the EQAsce-innovation-price in January 2021.

Application as tester: