During your academic studies or your training in an enterprise within the dual system you can already register as student at EQAsce in order to collect credit points.


You are studying one of the following programs:

      • Agricultural sciences including one field of specialization
      • Nutritional science
      • Food technology or food chemistry
      • Food legislation


Veterinary medicine

Your university is member of TUNEQA or lecturers from your university hold an EQA Lecturer certificate.



EQAsce offers has several services for you if you teach at a university with industry-specific courses or if you teach at an academy run by agri-food industry organizations:

      • Qualification as EQA lecturer
      • Access to EQA training material in several languages via EQA education platform
      • Organization of experience exchange of EQA-lecturers from around the world
      • Mediation of lectureships at universities and academies around the world


      • You hold a lectureship at a university or academy
      • You have practical experience in the fields of food chain management, food safety and health or risk and crisis management
      • You have experience with industry-specific training programs for professionals of agriculture and food processing



EQAsce is a professional companion in your career planning if you consult supply chains to food retail, coordinate projects in cross-border feed and food value chains or if you support laboratories with the accreditation process. We certify your skills and qualification in the fields of:

      • Teamwork and project management in the development of integrated inter-company management systems
      • Establishment and development of systems for identification and traceability
      • Preparation, execution and postprocessing of crisis exercises
      • Design and further development of inter-company inspection systems
      • Establishment and further development of animal health and herd management programs



EQAsce helps you to maintain and refresh your competencies as an auditor and check the application of the current industry standards in the companies and operations of the agri-food industry:

      • Overview of alterations in industry standards
      • Classification in the legal framework
      • Interaction of standards and impact on operational practice
      • Learning through case studies and assessing of deviations
      • Exchange of experience with other auditors


      • Qualification as auditor or internal auditor
      • Knowledge about established industry standards
      • Experience in audit execution