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EQAsce connects networks and initiatives for Europe: Call for participation in Europe-wide study

The “FoodSafety4EU” project addresses consumer requirements for food product information. In a current survey, you are asked to give your estimation of food safety aspects. The evaluation of the survey should lead to better information, more comprehensible content and overall improved communication between production and buyers. EQAsce is also working on corresponding strategies in the…

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Interview with Mrs. Marlies Becker, Lloyd’s Register

EQAsce asked Mrs. Marlies Becker from Lloyd’s Register questions about the joint development of a new standard. Ms. Becker has been a lead auditor, lead trainer and project manager for Lloyd’s Register Deutschland GmbH since 2015. Her focus is on quality, environmental, occupational health and safety management and Safety Culture Ladder. After studying teaching and…

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Start into the digital future

At EQAsce’s virtual 7th General Assembly on May 6th, 2021, members looked back on a successful 2020 despite numerous challenges due to the Corona pandemic. The Board of Directors and Supervisory Board highlighted that their strategy worked last year: since the beginning of the global Corona crisis and the increased financial threats to farms and…

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