Sophisticated digitization for crisis management

After the detection of the first appearance of African Swine Fever in Germany, the experience of the Bonn-realis cluster is in high demand. This refers to technical-organizational innovations of crisis prevention and crisis management. Those affected in the agricultural sector and those responsible in the agricultural administration both see an urgent need here. There is…

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EQAsce at Agritechnica, Hannover

At the “World’s Number One for Agricultural Engineering”, EQAsce introduces the life-long-learning-concept including latest technologic developments. The “Digital Academic Career Card” aims at making degrees, qualifications and proofs available at any time, revisable and temper-proof. This digital card can be applied for during the additional education to a “quality system manager junior” – taken during…

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Virtual Reality als Chance für mehr Tierwohl

Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler des International FoodNetCenters der Universität Bonn und EQAsce haben sich auf den aktuellsten Entwicklungstand für Virtual Reality-Lösungen bringen lassen. Zu Gast war Herr Markus Hornaff, verantwortlich für den Bereich Bildung – GenoAkademie und Produktmanager Virtual Reality beim Genossenschaftsverband/Verband der Regionen e.V. Er demonstrierte fortgeschrittene 3D-Filme, räumliche Programme und Bewegungen und Anwendungssoftware in…

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