The demand for harmonized and coordinated advanced training programs in the fields of quality, safety and crisis management is growing in all private and public institutions all over Europe. Such coordinated programs, courses and seminar series to secure education that suits the needs of the agri-food sector are missing so far. The Education and Qualification Alliance (EQA) closes this gap with its specialized tasks.

EQA has close collaboration with DGQ (German Association for Quality) and the EOQ (European Organization for Quality). With its international orientation, EQA is the contact partner for every question on integrated management systems in global value chains of the agri-food industry. Investments into education that lead to new occupational fields and skills are today part of life-long learning. They are important for specialists and executive managers as well as for those responsible for feed and food security. EQA addresses everybody who carries out tasks in consumer, animal and environmental protection in enterprises and public institutions. The education and training concept of EQA supports this requirement.



EQA services are focused on accreditation of quality, security and crisis managers and the certification of lecturers and auditors as well as their assistants. Industry experts and specialists of supply chain management, health and safety as well as crisis management contribute their knowledge and experience in seminars, training and refresher courses to the benefit of the participants.

The education in such courses and seminars at universities is interactive. Industry specific topics are developed as project work and in teamwork; results are presented by the participants using the latest techniques; the competence of implementation is fostered through exercises and examples derived the agri-food industry. The EQA educational offers can be customized and used as a modular system.



Members – partners – network

EQA sees itself as a central sector-specific European network node for customers, knowledge developers, knowledge carriers, consultants and specialists. We are strongly positioned with founding members from the agri-food sector, the experience of standard providers, certification bodies, service providers for quality management, universities and private educational institutions. Together we form the first public-private partnership network in this field of education.

We are supported by the German Association for Quality (DGQ) and the European counterpart of it, the European Organization for Quality (EOQ). All EQA training programs are harmonized following the European training concept. Certificates are issued in different languages and are recognized by EOQ. The agri-food sector network is the basis for a training concept that is tailored to suit the market needs and that meets the future demands of the global market..