The massive increase of corona-infections in the biggest slaughterhouse of Europe has shown us clearly which challenges and conflicts are met by the enterprises of the whole value-added chain “meat”. Starting at the animal keeping enterprise and leading to the meat-production processing all enterprises are seen systemically relevant and at the same time as hotspots for the spreading of infections. Now is the time for them to benefit from innovations and initiatives that run in other systemically relevant areas. EQAsce brings together project-consortiums at the intersection of digitalization and crisis prevention. Right now, we are in the process of developing different digital cards which function as a personalized and digitally sealed app. Similar to the German corona warning app introduced by the German confederacy and the digital corona health certificate, health data can be encrypted by using blockchain technology and thus can be provided to various areas of application in a secure way. The question – how can such technical innovations be quickly applied into crisis prevention and crisis management within public private partnership initiatives of veterinary agencies, health offices, local authorities, and slaughtering companies – will be discussed in the first EQAsce-Forum. This exchange of ideas, opinions and perspectives by experts and persons concerned will take place on Monday, June 29th, 2020 in an online forum.

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