Certificates of Competence in Demand as Never Before

EQA Workshop "Certificate of Competence in Animal Welfare" 
Sector-specific standards and norms in international feed and food trade already require that training needs be determined and proof of competence be provided. This has long been established practice for a range of activities in the agri-food sector. Also in the sector of livestock farming, legal provisions and EU regulations increasingly demand specific training and qualification measures for animal owners and veterinarians. Both occupational groups are already accustomed to having to provide training certificates for certain areas of expertise. Since 26 November, 2015, in the field of plant protection, users, consultants and retailers of plant protection agents, to mention a few, are obliged to provide a certificate of competence in cheque card format. In an EQA workshop held on 21 November, 2017, the EQA board and EQA-member EITCO along with representatives of the DRV e.V (German Raiffeisen Association) and the BLL e.V. (German Federation for Food Law and Food Science) have examined existing, legally required certificates of competence in the field of livestock farming and their legal framework. Since the use of anaesthesia for pain relief in piglet castration will be mandatory for all livestock holding facilities in Germany from 1 January, 2019, a team of experts is currently working on a model to design and organise a certificate of competence in the subject area “interventions on animals under anaesthesia”. Further steps include coordinating the execution and organisation in cooperation with training facilities such as the Andreas-Hermes-Akademie, Burg Warberg and the Geno Akademie, and establishing a financing plan. The EQAsce and its members have already made significant investments in this project. They expect that their investments will start to pay off in 2019, however, since they anticipate that European enterprises in the meat industry as well as governmental organisations, educational institutions and standard setters will draw on the EQAsce’s coordinating input for the international harmonisation of processes that lead towards certificate issuance.

First Webinars for Members of TUN EQA

In October 2017, the International Thematic University Network TUNEQA has been launched by the EQAsce and started to tackle its tasks. One of the network’s aims is to strengthen existing relationships between universities and the EQAsce by means of a common platform and qualification standards for “Food Safety & Health Manager”, “Food Chain Manager” and “Crisis Manager”. Another aim is the international standardisation of the personal certification of “Quality Manager Junior” offered at higher education institutions.
The DGQ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität; Engl. German Association for Quality) – the national representative of the EOQ (European Organization for Quality) for quality management issues in Germany – has developed a model for this certification path aimed at university graduates. According to this model, certain university lecturers, who have been appointed by an advisory board, are responsible for integrating appropriate content in teaching and have to make sure that university graduates have met the requirements defined for their respective discipline. Upon confirmation by the university lecturer, the DGQ Person Certification Body issues the DGQ Certificate “Quality Systems Manager Junior”.
In order to further develop its educational schemes and to adjust this model to the needs of the agri-food sector, the DGQ has closely cooperated with the EQAsce. Mutual memberships and collaboration within the respective panels allow EQA responsibles to ensure that the competence and certification schemes of the EOQ comply with specific mandatory requirements regarding the education and certification of university graduates of the agri-food sector. Starting from 1 April 2018, universities who are interested in including “QM Junior Training” into their curricula will be able request the application documents directly from the EQAsce. An information event aimed at interested universities who offer a degree programme in nutritional sciences will take place on 13 April 2018. On 28 June 2018, interested universities abroad will get the opportunity to participate in a webinar in English to find out more about the certification procedure. Further information will be announced in the upcoming EQA newsletters.
We hope to be able to present the first certificates during of a formal handover in the scope the 2. Joint Summer School in Bonn on 17 September 2018.

Opening of the International University Network TUN EQA

Signers of the Memorandum of Understanding together with the EQA Management Board and the chairman of the EQA Supervisory Board (from left: Bernd Hallier, Christian Grütters, Brigitte Petersen, Ema Maldonado, István Komlósi, Susanne Lehnert, Sebastian Jarzebowski)

Nowadays, education and qualification in quality, risk, crisis, and audit management for agribusiness and food industry require innovative solutions, which can only be achieved through cooperation between knowledge providers in Europe and all over the world. In order to broaden and deepen existing relations between national and international universities and the EQAsce, the International Thematic University Network TUN EQA has been established during the ANUGA Trade Fair in Cologne on 8 October, 2017 >>FoodNetCenter. The aim of this university network initiative is mutual recognition of qualifications in agriculture and food and feed industry, as well as of programmes certified by the EQA by interdisciplinary, international expert committees.

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